Wednesday, December 23, 2009

London filming and appearance at eagle

started out pretty tame
but then got a little intense

this is the first hardcore show we did.. and no.. there was no cuming in this show!

So amongst our journeys we both went to London after hustlaball to film for alphamale media.. and also uknaked men. of which the movies are not out yet.. and still to be named..
when i find out you guys will be told.

We also did our first sex performance in the eagle for the tonka party.
It was unusual for us to do such a thing.. but we did it.
we usually can not get hardons on stagfe for all the distractions from audience and people being around.
but this performance was different. we totaly absorbed ourselves into each other and zoned out of the place.. to our little place that we both see only each other.
we were able to maintain and perform onstage with total erections!! wooohoo!!!
dont get excited guys .. all we did is suck each other.. and no climax..
sucking was enough of a sex show!!
of course i do not have pictures of it yet.. but when i do i will show some.
there was sooo many people there it was packed. and 'im sure with all the phone cams and pics taken . there are plenty of pics to come by and see once i get a hold of them.

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