Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Filming in Budapest and party in cologne

Yes also while we were both in europe we filmed in budapest hungary... wow what a beautiful city.
we were total tourists on our free time there.

Logan filmed a scene with Jack Dragon.. and also another Scene with the Viscotci Triplets and I filmed a scene with Jack Dragon as well.

not sure the name of the movies that are gonna come out.. but its a preumpt to new movies for ya.

in jan i will be returning to do more filming there in budapest..
one scene with my partner Logan (they seen how much we click with each other)
and i will do another scene with the viscotci triplets as well.

so that is another few films to be looking for..
i'm not sure the name of the company.. for the Hungarian people there we worked for did not really speak good English.

well i did a party for pleasure x for my first time alone in cologne.. i forgot to post it.. so here are a few pics..
I performed with a couple polish porn stars.. they were nice guys we had fun as you can see.

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Roland said...

Despite the fact that we are not the best foreign language speakers, Hungarians love tourists; especially hot ones as you and your partner. ;)

Have a good time here.