Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Catching up with recent events

Well i know i haven't written anything in awhile.. so.. here is what i have been up to lately.
The last event that i was at with my boyfriend "Logan McCree" was Folsom Street Fair.
After flying to San Fran after one week with my boyfriend in Chicago we both had work as in movie scenes as well as the big event at Folsom.
It was great to see all you fans out there and other colleagues. Although it was a little different for me this time not being in a booth as a model in a contract. It was a pleasure working in a booth with my boyfriend. He has become so popular and am very proud of him that he has made it to the top of the pornstar list and one of the top guys now!! He deserves it from all his great films and hard work!!.
We both enjoyed the Gloss Magazine booth. A friend of mine was running it so it was fun being there. Although Raging Stallions didn't have a booth.. all the guys from raging showed up and signed autographs. Sorry to those fans of mine out there that wanted me to sign something.. since i am no longer with one studio and am solo... i didn't have any model cards to sign and give out. That will be soon rectified so next time you will be able to get one. Although i just simply signed the movie poster for "the Drifter"
Also the Raging Stallions party at the end up was fun.. when we got on stage and played around.
It was a little too crowded for me and Logan .. so we ended up retiring early.
After that we pretty much were spent and didnt goto anymore parties.
Besides we both aren't really big party type of guys... so..
below are some pics of us in the booth. Enjoy!!


thonnibg said...

You two are adorable!

Kisses to you both

Frank said...

It was great to see you and Logan at all of the Folsom related events.Thanks for letting me take these photos of you and Logan.
So hopefully see you next year!

le petit demon chinois said...


I just watched the film "The drifter".Some might find me a big weirdo, but I have to say this, sincerely... that's the best porn movie I've ever seen. Love the story line, Love the tenderness and love showing between you and Logan, it's quite heart warming actually. Love you two guys and keep on the good work!!!
millions of kisses and greetings

fang said...

hi Vinnie.
do me a favor, tell P that 'fang' said hello, and that He really should drop me a line again sometime soon so we can catch up. i'm really glad that He finally found His way over there, and more importantly that He found someone in you who genuinely cares about Him.

i wish you both well and send my love.



H M ZAK said...

Sexy couple logan & Vinnie!