Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Drifter Website

I am pleased to announce that "The Drifter Website" is ready to launch..Although the Movie itself is not due to be released until Sept. 26th....
this is a great movie. This Really is Logan McCree's real life biography implemented in this Movie script that he hand wrote, although it becomes our story in the end.. cuz of how the future tense of it became our true (real life) love story and how we became boyfriends. Well i won't spoil too much of the storyline so that you can go to the website(www.vinniedangelo.com/thedrifter.html) and see for yourself. I will tell you the main story is about the true life of Logan McCree and how he experienced things in his past as he became gay. But the future is how he thinks he will fall in love.... of which happened between me and him on the set.
So the sex in this is real and true. When they said cut.... we continued and they just filmed it.. and took pictures.
Alright here is a cast lineup for you:

1.Logan McCree
2.Vinnie D'Angelo
3. Scott Tanner
4.Damian Rios
5.Bo Matthews
6.Scott Alexander
7.Manuel De Boxer
8.Luke Hass
9.Rj Danvers

Each one of these models has a profile and there videography on the bio pages on the website so check it out.
This is bound to be a classic of all time.. so wether you like a storyline or are one that just fast fowards to the action.. you will enjoy this compilation of hot sex scenes and romance.


thonnibg said...

Great to see you again in action,Vinnie!
Congrats.The website looks great!Good on you,Vinnie!
I will post about that.

I`m also happy about you and Logan!Wish you all the best!Logan is a lucky guy:)


ronron said...

hi Vinnie! ive already checked your site, the story was very lovely... i really fell in love with how the story goes... im not surprised if the story will be adopted into a mainstream film :-)

Late said...

Man, you get to date such a hottie? I am only slightly jealous. Really.

Lucky stiffs (the both of you)!

JohnnieMi said...

Vinnie & Logan,

I just watched The Drifter. Vinnie, you know I'm a BIG fan, but seeing you and Logan in this movie, well... This is how gay movies should be. I could clearly see that you two are meant to be together.. Now I'm a big fan of both of you and am pleased you two found each other, even though that means I can't have you. Make more movies like this one... To sum it up in one word.... Incredible