Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New York Than Europe

Ok.. so i know i didn't write for awhile and then i put 3 entries back to back..
just had other things i was working on.. such as "The Drifter" Website.
alright so latest news is i will be in New York on the 10th thru the 13th for 3 events.
1.Avn Expo
2.Hustlaball (New York)
also after party at the club Rebel.
3.Woof (the View Bar) for "The Drifter" release party

So look out New York here i come again.
Looking to see you all there and don't be afraid to come up and say hi.. i don't bite!!
Well at least not unless you want me too.. lol

Then i am off to europe for filming in London and France possibly and Germany.
So wont be back in the usa until the 16th of Nov.
so if your looking to contact me you can do so thru my email.


ron-ron said...

hi Vinnie! well, good luck on your future projects... hope youll be paired to someone as hot as you... hope though youre not in the US, you keep your fans and friends posted...
enjoy the Europeans... or shall i say "Europeans, be happy cause he is cuming to town!"

thonnibg said...

Hey Vinnie,I just saw you`ve made a scene with Marco for Butch Dixon.
Wanted to tell you the preview looks incredibly hot.I`m dying to see the whole scene.

Hope all is well with you

Anonymous said...

Hey Vinnie,I am your fans.I am a Chinese person.I like your movies.When are you going to travel to China ah? I want to see you.