Monday, August 25, 2008

Working on website

Hello all. Sorry for not writing anything lately. But been very busy with my website lately. I have pulled a whole 2 day working regiment on my website the last few days.
and working straight. barely stoping to eat or goto bathroom. Now my hard work is coming to an end and i will be launching a new website promoting a new movie i have done. Unfortunately i cannot show you anything as of yet since the video has not been released. So you will have to stay tuned. no.. ok.. i guess i can let you see a glimpse of at least the title. This is just a teaser of the website mind you. So this should be released in the next few weeks.


thonnibg said...

Oh,I love the teaser,Vinnie!Really can`t wait to see this movie!

Great to see you`re back!


ronron said...

hi Vinnie! well, im glad yuore doin fine right now... also, good luck at the upcoming events at the end of the month... regarding your new movie... well, it sounds like its your real life story... hmmm... im sure its going to be another best seller... actually, im always visiting RSS site... cant wait for it to be out! cheers!!!

Nick Moretti said...

Hey Vinnie, Nick Moretti here.
I feel your pain. After weeks of work I've finally got my website ( up and running. Did all the work myself so it was a learning experience! I put a link to your site cause you're on of my favorites. :-)
Congrats on the new film! Looks like a winner from the preview pics you posted.
Hope your foot is all healed up and life is treating you well. Also, hope we get to hang again sometime soon!