Friday, April 4, 2008

Hazzard Zone Movie

Johnny Hazzard

Vinnie,ChiChi,& Josh West

Adam Killian

Well am in L.A. right now and just shot a movie with famed porn star Johnny Hazzard for Chi Chi Larue's Rascal videos. Hot super hung Josh West is in this movie in a threesome scene with Vin Costas and Johhny Hazard as well. Thus the name Hazzard Zone. We will leave the rest to your imagination. This movie is bound to be a hit, With an all-star cast.
Chi Chi is such a great director and very candid as well. Thus the great personality we both share as outgoing individuals. Its always a pleasure to work with her. Adam Killian is also the camera man in this movie, Sexy Fucker, that made it hard not to look at the camera, Sweating from the heat of the scene and the lighting. Chad Hunt also there doing behind the scenes stuff made it an added bonus. This film is filmed at a sex club and there gives away the theme so you didnt hear it from me. This is gonna be a great film with many fantasies full filled, As well as many other things if you know what i mean. Here are a few pics for you to enjoy so check them out.


Doug said...

The film sounds great, Vinnie!

ronron said...

hi Vinnie! well, im sure, Johnny is very happy for that... that youre his partner... thanks for keeping your fans posted... once its out in stores, ill be the first one to buy it!
happy weekend!
Ron ;-)

thonnibg said...

Sounds really great,Vinnie!
The star cast too.
So,Adam is the camera man..
Well,then I have nothing to add:)

Can`t wait to see it!

Geoffrey Paine said...

Hey stud nice meeting you in person finally!!! Just think i get to be on film being passed up by vinnie d'angeleo. How many kids get to grow up and live out there fanatasies... well i know i have hehehe jk take care!!!