Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Berlin Hustlaball 2009

Well this is yet another Hustlaball that Logan and I did.
We went right from the New York Hustlaball to the Berlin one.
they were only a week apart.
This party reaked havoc on me afterwards.
The venue we were in was a 3 story warehouse.
The whole thing was closed in .. no windows open.. no ventilation... and no escape from the smoke.
As in people smoking cigarettes. You know how a dance floor is filled with fog smoke to create a mood with the music. Well this was no fog machine.... just the exhalation of thousands of people..
We were there from 10pm 'till like 6 in the morning. By the time we was done the whole 3 levels was soo smokey it was like looking thru a fog.
Even the smokers said they could not breathe and were dieing to get outside for some fresh air.
Well i am asthmatic.. so imagine how i felt. luckily logan and i got a smoke free dressing room. we insisted.
well we had to get ready for our performance anyways.. but we just stayed in the dressing room the whole time we were not on stage. so it limited the smoke we had to take in.
to no avail.... i was sick with my asthma for 3 weeks after that.. not knowing if i was going to wake up the next morning because i could not breathe even to goto sleep.
well thank god i survived. i will not be doing a venue ever again like that.. that does not have any ventilation or smoke free areas.. or even just areas that are only smoking.
i think it was ridiculous that we were subjugated to have to breathe everyone elses exhalation.
oh well that is another one of my issues i hate.. and i wont get on that.

I will explain what our performance was briefly after this next statement.
This Berlin hustlaball was going thru some changes.. i guess the network of hustlaballs was ran by several different people and the berlin one was subject to a law suit.. and so on and so forth.
so .. the regular people were not running it.. and to be honest.. i did not like the way they treated everyone there and how they ran things.
i have heard nothing but complaints from the pornstars and performers that were in this hustlaball.. and also alot of bad comments on it from fans and just people going to the party.
so.. you guys did not miss much.

alright our set was done for one reason.
the people tht ran berlins hustlaball this year.. was trying to state tht they were the best hustlaball.. and that they needed a show that is better than all the rest .. and that berlin shows are the most spectacular and wanted something out of the ordinary and hardcore.
So after long thought about this and email correspondance about our shows we could do back and forth..
we thought up this idea..
they want a hardcore show.. we was gonna give one!!!
so of course Berlin people are all into fisting and that kind of kink stuff!!! Hardcore!!!

we were certainly not going to do any of that!!
but we thought up something that fell in the lines of holloween.
i suggested that we do something gruesome that would be shocking..
logan told me about hardcore shows he had done before and stuf flike puking and lite candles shoved in his ass with the burning part first.. etc etc etc.
so .. i was like.. well why dont i kill you..
You see my holloween outfit this year was a butcher and i had the leather apron to do it with..
so.. he liked the idea and we were having fun with the suggestions of grossness back and forth and laughing about it.
well.. the outcome is as follows:

i being the mad butcher.. meets this hot guy (logan)
and he sucks my dick and when i pull out a condom.. he shakes his head no.
i shake my head and he grabs the condom and throws it away.
so i tell him oh you want it ruff like that then.. and i put a blindfold over his eyes.. being tha the is into that kinky stuff(for the performance not real like)
i tie him up on a platform.. and as i remove the blindfold i have a hammer..
i then nail his hands to the board. he is screaming.
i take a sout.. and cut of some of his fingers.. (carrots)
screaming yet again
then i go around him to the dick end of him. and i take a knife and cut open his shirt.. slicing him from the guts to his chest.. (blood squirting out)
i then take some spikes and stab him with it in his chest.
then i take the garden shears out and cut his dick off...
this is the good part...
i take his own dick to shut his screamig up and gag him with fucking his mouth with his own dick!!
then i take his dick and i fuck him with it!!!

yep this is gruesome.. and that is the finally .. i actually was going to fuck him myself. but i could not get turned on from all the gross shit that was happening.

so then i goto the front of him.. and take the butcher knife and lodge into his chest..
that was the finale.
i cut of fhis bindings and he gets up and we both hold up a banner that is written in blood.. that says
"play safe"!!

we then got allot of people applauding.. which was good.
alright.. enough of the story..
we were supposed to be on stage by ourselves.. but at last minute they through some people up togetehr with us.. which i think was kinda fucked up..
these other 2 were up there fisting each other... i did not like that.

these next series of pics are a performance we did on a box in the vip room.

here is a short vid behind scenes for interview we did with chech tv .. click here

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Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

Now THAT'S Hardcore!!! ;-)
You guys looked smokin' HOT! Then again, would I expect anything less from you two. LOL!

That butcher scene was quite Grand Guignol (if you know what I H.G Lewis (Blood Feast) If you have vid footage of that, I would be curious to see it. Logan's a sick genius! ;-) But I'm glad you made it out alright with your asthma. Jesus Age Christ, Man!