Thursday, July 2, 2009

New movies out...

Hello i know i haven't written in awhile.. but been very busy with life things..
but just wanted to show you the new vids that are out with me and my partner Logan McCree.
The First one we did for raging stallions called" Porn Stars In Love". You can see a real nice gallery of it on my website here. This is a real life view of how real porn stars are in relationships in real life.. and a little inside view of their real life sex.

The other one that has just been released is from Alphamale. When Logan and i were in London for hustlaball we also shot a movie called "Out On The Hit". This movie was probably the last movie we will be able to do together since we have done 3 in total together and you guys are probably tired of seeing that. but here are the movies in case you don't know:

1. The Drifter -Raging stallions (award winning "love story" where we fell in love)
2. Pornstars In Love - Raging Stallions (shows a different view of real life partners sex)
3. Out On The Hit - Alphamale Media (hardcore real acting in this movie)

these 3 movies are great and if you haven't seen yet.. you need to rent them or buy them. they are a must have!!


Izzy said...

Hi, Vinnie.
I watched "Out on the Hit!" when Eurocreme delivered it in on line. Then I spoke the characteristic about your three works in my Blog (I was surprised you spoke in this entry because mine resembled it). 
Three Love making scene is never same. But, there is a complete same point that certainly I felt true love, in all of works.
About latest Movie, "Out on the Hit!" was showing dirty hot performance by true lovers, as hard core porn. It's awesome. And comical scene was very fun. I love your work.

PS: If your true life is happy, I'm glad, even if you two never act together (of course it makes disappointing me).

from izzy with love xxx.

Thonnibg said...

Mhm actually no we are not tired of seeing you together on camera!


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine getting tired of seeing you both together. You are both smokin' hot. Nothing is sexier than a real emotional connection between two people.

Thanks for sharing.

John said...

oohh, yay... possibility of video of Vin bottoming!.. grin.. (yeah, I like that...) but most of all, good luck in sharing your two lives together....

sonas said...

Just saw the teaser and it was sweet and fun. great!

jothemama said...

Seriously, I think people would watch you forever. Your relationship enhances, doesn't detract. People are voyeuristic, y'know?

Your Drifter scene is the nicest porn I've ever seen. Sort of not really porn at all, in a way.

Mind you, I'm not sure the opinion of a thirty something hetero housewife is representative of your fanbase, in fairness. But still, I'd be surprised if people were bored.

So many questions... you guys could do a Q&A blog post, take questions in comments, answer whichever you want. The blog's a nice publicity tool, I think, keep it up ;)