Friday, December 21, 2007

Latest News & Happy Holidays!!!

Hello to all you out there that are celebrating the holidays with family and friends.
This is a great time of the year to express your love or friendship to all those in your life that you care about. One day outta the year that is special for just that sake!
I hope all of you enjoy each other to the fullest and also have a great holiday season!!

Other news on my front is that my contract has ended with Hothouse. ALthough i was offered from Hothouse to extend my contract , i am no longer a Hothouse Exclusive. I do want to say that working with Hothouse and the staff was a very pleasant one and i made alot of friends along they way. I still do count them all as friends and care about each one of them the same as i did when i was exclusive. My decision to go solo was solely a business decision based on things that are going on in my life that demand attention and have the necessity to be able to drop everything at a drop of a dime, at the time that it demands. Nothing regarding this decision has changed my feelings towards any one member of my hothouse family. I look forward to working & filming more videos with hothouse.
Look for me in no particular studio now as i am freelancing from this point on.
Thank you to the Fans out there that made me who i am, Because without you it would not be possible.


Doug said...

Happy holidays, Vinnie, and good luck with the freelancing!

ronron said...

hi Vinnie! Merry Christmas and hope youll have a succesful year to come... you know, youre among the best thing that came to my life for 2007... im so happy that ive known you... even just online. thanks for making me smile when im down and thanks for inspiring me and giving me positive thoughts... hmmm... now that youre not a HotHouse exclusive, can i still send you something through them? if not, hope youll let me know whats the mailing add... hmmm... but hope youll stay with HotHouse still, im so sure, they love to keep you for a long time...
hope you are smiling, man!
good luck for 2008!!!
Ron :-)

JamesJames said...

Best wishes,Vinnie.

ronron said...

hi Vinnie! just want to wish that you are also enjoying the season... thanks too for being a friend... wish you more movies & success for 2008!

Frank said...

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you.It was a pleasure to meet you back in February and see you at all of the San Francisco events.I wish you the best in 2008,I too made a change and moved to a new place in December.I'm getting used to a different location.See you this year!

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