Thursday, November 29, 2007

2 Nominations for European Gay Porn Awards

The latest that i heard of things that are happening in the gay porn world is the European Gay Award Nominations. Believe it or not i am nominated for 2 awards this year. Check out the nominations on the website I hope all of you out there can vote for me in these award categories. It would be great to bring some awards home.
The 2 categories that i am nominated for are:

Best Top: in the film Communion


Best Solo: in the film Tough Stuff

Click Here to Vote for me in these 2 Categories!!

Be sure to leave me a comment to this blog entry telling me you voted for me. thnx

I've included a few pics from various movies i have done for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Above Pic is from the First Film i was ever in "Trunks 3"

Above Pic is from the first film i ever did for Titan "The Boiler"

Above "Tough Stuff" Was one i was nominated for "Best Solo" Be sure to vote for me at Gayvns!

Above "Communion" I was Nominated for "Best Top" Be sure to vote for me at Gayvns!

Below is the latest release from a Titan movie i did a year ago.

Thnx again for all your support and admiration. Without you i would not be possible.
Vinnie D'Angelo

P.S. Below is a compilation of a few vids i did in the interview, on the set of The Movie"Communion" & the films i did before that movie were: Trunks 3 and Full Throttle as noted in the short clips in the video.


Doug said...

Congrats on the nominations, Vinnie!

ronron said...

hey Vinnie! congratulations! i wish youll both get the award! you deserve that, man!